Prayer Intentions

It’s amazing what praying for others can do for your own spirituality. Not that your own spirituality should be the motivation for praying for others you care about, but it sure is a happy consequence to benefit from intercessory prayer.

Today, I started a novena to Our Lady, Undoer of Knots. In reading more about this devotion, I found that there is a connection between the knots of sin caused by Eve and the undoing of those knots, through the birth of Jesus our Savior through Mary. What Mary did was radical. Imagine being told you would conceive because the Spirit of God would overshadow you and responding, “be it done unto me according to thy will.”? Eve couldn’t even stay away from one tree! And I can hardly stay away from the apple trees either. A few people I know of are really stuck in the knots caused by sin, temptation, distractions that are having a negative impact on the ones they love.

So we turn to Mary. The most humble, yet radical woman to intercede for us on our behalf. To bring our loved ones to the foot of the cross, to untie their knots that keep them stumbling, falling over into pits of despair, and allow them to hurt those around them. May they be returned to us, stronger than ever, with hearts on fire, pure minds, and a peace that no one can shake.

“Though it seems impossible to me that this knot can ever be undone, I believe in your never-failing intercession.” – from the Novena prayer, Day 1


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