It is no mistake.

Some use the word coincidence or happenstance. Some use the word God-incidence. Some use the phrase ‘you can’t make this stuff up’. All different ways to explain or describe seemingly random moments that occur in our daily lives.

Over and over, I’ve been hearing God whisper in my ear, “it is no mistake”. When I tell you I am 0% surprised by this way of phrasing it, I truly mean it. They are the very words I read 14 years ago as part of a prophecy received by a woman who would become known as a founding sister of my college household. In that context, the line goes “…it is no mistake that you are together…”. Recently, there was a need among our sisters and women who have not seen each other in over 10 years jumped into action. I was reminded immediately that God told the women forming this group that it was no mistake they were together. It was no mistake in 1992, it was no mistake in 2003 when I joined, and it was no mistake in 2017 that we were still “together” in some way.

Almost daily, since that recent event with my household sisters, I’ve had some type of encounter or experience in which I have that realization: it is no mistake. One moment in particular, was the day I randomly got a Facebook message from a friend inviting me to a concert at the last minute. I had no plans, so I agreed to meet her. In the car prior to the concert, I was writing in my journal. I wrote to God how I wanted to do more with my life, more than just donate money to good causes. I wanted to connect. While plans for a mission to Haiti were already in the works, that would be a short week of my time and then back to normal life. In the middle of the concert, there was the all too familiar “talk” and “video” explaining why you need to give to one charity or another that is now the mainstay of most Christian shows.

A man came out to talk about child sponsorship. He spoke about working with this organization and seeing first hand the work they do. I always stayed away from organizations that I hadn’t researched myself, but wasn’t this what I just asked God for not even an hour before? A way to connect that was lasting? A way to give that was more than a donation every month? I could communicate with a sponsored child and their family, I could share my resources and possibly even go on a mission and meet that family. I could change that child’s life…I could change my life. It was no mistake. I cried at the thought of my prayer being answered so rapidly. I smiled as I scribbled down my information on a little card and read the sweet little bit of information of this beautiful little boy. It is no mistake that I attended that concert. It is no mistake that I was handed that card with Ando’s picture on it. It is no mistake that my heart was open. It is no mistake that he and I are together on this journey. God does not make mistakes. He hears the cry of his people.

Choosing to see things in this way has helped me to see everything through God’s hands. Even when looking to the future, of things unknown, I can rest in the idea that even though things may not go perfectly or be as I expected them to be, I will likely still hear the sweet, soft whisper…it is no mistake.



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