A river of Mercy?

This past Friday evening, through the prompting of the Holy Spirit, I ended up attending a We Are Messengers concert in Fairfield with my ACTS retreat sister Emily. While I waited in the car for her to arrive, I realized I had no idea who this band was. I opened up my Apple Music app and looked them up. It turned out I knew a couple of their songs. Interestingly enough, the most transforming moment for me out of the entire night, was a song I heard for the first time.

I had gotten into a comfortable position as they started to play this song, barefoot, feet up, arms hugging my knees. In seconds, I felt like I was surrounded by my closest friends, singing my all time favorite song, that had always had a deep meaning to my heart. It was quite strange to think that way because I had not ever heard this song before. The song is called The River.

All the while, I knew there was something about this song, but I couldn’t identify just what. The more I thought about and sung along to it all weekend long, it came to me. An image of the cross, cracked in the center, and blood and water flowing down, into a river. A river of both blood and water. Very similar to the image of Divine Mercy. The chorus of the song then made even more sense than before:

I belong, yeah, I belong, yeah, I belong to the river

While journaling before Palm Sunday Mass yesterday, my mind couldn’t stop thinking about this river image. I felt like sharing the important points from my reflection, so here they are:

  • The river is both water and blood, this is important as they each have their own role:
    • Blood: to redeem and save
    • Water: to wash clean and heal.
  • We belong in that river, to remain in that river. In essence, we belong in God’s mercy.
  • If we stray from the river, we will loose connection to His mercy.
  • If we want to move away or venture off, we must dig deep and prepare to not be cut off from His mercy wherever we might go.

I recommend you listen to this song, especially as we prepare to enter into the season of Easter. The season of redemption and mercy is upon us, let us prepare to rejoice and be glad in it.



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