I want, I want, I want

Anyone else relate to that mantra? If you are married and have kids, I am sure you hear it thousands of times each day from your children or spouse. As a long time single lady, I hear it most from myself. I hear it from colleagues and other family members too. Though I can’t help but realize how much I spend claiming ‘I want…’ or even ‘I don’t want…’ about who I want to be or don’t want to feel.

Recent events have led me to a healing thought. Most of my ‘wants’ and ‘don’t wants’ seem to revolve around outside influences. Time wasted desiring to be like other people or passing judgement about what I didn’t want to endure.

How had I lost focus on the true source? The Source who inspired my life into existence and wants to grant every desire of my very heart! I had taken my eyes off of Him and was certainly beginning to drown under the weight of the crushing waves.

As I pondered all of this further, I was reminded that if I refocused on the true Source, then my wants could dissipate. The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want. I need only to be still, keep my eyes on Him, and I have all I could ever need to do exactly what He has called me to do in this life.

No one else can be our source. We can’t be anyone else’s source. We are called to help each other on this journey, but never called to take the place of the one true Source. While I believe we are called to lay down our lives for others, love them sacrificially, what we can do for others will never be able to take the place of a God who sent His only son to die for our salvation. We are made in His image, sure. Adopted children of God, sure. Yet, still, we are not replacements for God.

No matter how strongly we may want to be that source for others, eventually, our wells run dry. God, our true source, has a love and mercy that never runs out. Accepting this is amazingly freeing.



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