Layers of Life

There are so many layers in life. First, there’s the layers of your own life, which are stitched together with layers that are not even completely your own. Your family, your parents, your surroundings, all contribute to the life you will have.

I love contemplating this idea. There are so many layers to a person. Their hopes, desires, what makes them smile, what makes them cry, their dignity, what they’ve learned, their memories, all while leaving room for the unknown layers yet to come is such a mystery.

As I continue to ponder the thought of different layers of life, I have to believe that while some are stitched together, permanently a part of who we are, while some layers of ourselves are woven. Some pieces woven together where certain parts run through everything, while other parts are covered up, long forgotten or just serving the purpose of building to new levels.

It is a thought that can be pondered and meditated on for days if we had the time. Finding meaning in the here and now, what has been, and considering what may come in the idea that they are all layers of the fabric of who we are, what makes us be us.

In thinking about the layer that is currently in the works in my own mind and heart, I believe it is the brightest layer in many layers. Nothing excites me more than that. I truly believe the layer of this past year will be the one that will help all the old ratted layers seem a little bit newer, refreshing my entire self. It is amazing what God can do in such a short time with an open heart. I pray for those reading this that your life begins a bright layer too.