St. Anthony, my BFF

In the fall, I went to have a massage by a dear friend. While she gave me my massage, she prayed over me and with me. At the end we talked and I realized that I definitely needed to start praying more to St. Anthony. St. Anthony is the patron saint of lost things. Apparently, he’s also the patron saint of my life!

When we started to talk about St. Anthony, the relevance was clear. I was lost. Praying for your own self is also never the first thing we think of doing for some reason. At this moment, I knew it was time to pray to St. Anthony on behalf of myself. I was lost. I was so tired of being lost. He found me. Things started to change and I found myself at Mass one Sunday after Yoga for the first time in a long time actually wanting to be there. As I sat in the pew during communion, I felt a hunger to receive the Eucharist that I have never felt before. 

I was found. And since then, St. Anthony has been my BFF (best friend forever). I found trust in God. That trust in God has led to some pretty awesome things that I’ve been waiting for a long time. My mental freedom, my job, taking charge of my health, and now even a new car. I literally say his name and find what I’m looking for without even trying that hard. To explain how tight me and St. Anthony are, here’s 2 things that happened just in the last two days:

1. I couldn’t find the Title to my old car. I searched all of the boxes that contain the remnants of my move from Naugatuck. I figured it had to be in there since I am pretty sure I paid off the car while still living there. The only mental image of the title was of it on the floor somewhere. It wasn’t in those boxes. I searched like a mad woman on Saturday and Sunday morning. I gave up, went to Church and was pretty much out all day. I said, “St. Anthony never fails me. I will ask him to find it and I just know I will have it when I get home”. I got home and wasn’t feeling great so I laid on the couch, forgetting about the title. Just before I went to bed, I realized I needed to find it. I said out loud, “Ok, St. Anthony, balls in your court!” I went over to my nightstand, lifted one book that I haven’t touched since I put it there, and it slipped out of my hand, and there was the title underneath. Which meant, feeling like crud, I could simply turn out the light and go to bed. Thanks, buddy!!

2. Tonight, I got home from work. I hit play on the DVR recording of Bones from Friday night. I knew it was a re-run but I figured I’d watch anyway. The episode is the one where Bones is on a jury. *DING* I got a jury duty notice that I totally forgot about. I recall that it was for early March and I wanted to postpone seeing that it’s only my second week of work. But where did I put that piece of mail? Who knows, my place is a mess at the moment! I literally walked over to a small pile of papers on the love seat, said “St. Anthony”, picked up a note pad, and there it was. The date was Wednesday and I was able to go online and postpone until August. 

3. This is the BIG one! When I was cleaning out my old car Saturday morning, in the trunk I found a package of prayer cards (probably leftover from a retreat back in my St. James Youth Ministry days). I noticed the 3rd one down is a prayer card with a chain attached with a prayer to St. Anthony. I figured, great, it’s probably a medal I can hang in the new car. *Important Back Story: Since I was successful in praying to St. Anthony to find myself, I quickly started praying to him for my future spouse because clearly we can’t find each other!*  When I got home with the new car, I went into the bag to grab the chain/prayer card. I lift the prayer card, and underneath it, I find a second one. In the entire bag, there is no other duplicate card. The only thing I have two of is this prayer to St. Anthony and the chain. On the chain is a heart shaped medal with an image of St. Anthony holding the child Jesus close, almost cuddled up. I was so excited when I saw the second one. I know exactly who to give it to. I can’t wait for the day that we find each other and trust more than ever that in God’s perfect timing, we definitely will. 

St. Anthony, pray for us!


Lasts and Firsts

This was a week of lasts and firsts. Typically, you see people talk about firsts and lasts, but since I’m most excited about my lasts, I’ll start with those.

My last week of the 21 day cleanse! Thank goodness! I’ve practically ended it 2 days early since I have no desire to return to a grocery store or spend any more moments in the kitchen. I’ve enjoying finding how many vegetables I like and all the new ways to cook them. I won’t miss the awful smoothies and look forward to going back to the regular ones. I’ve lost 7-8lbs in total. I’m happy with the experience overall. It has taught me how to say “no” to food just becuase I think I want it. I’ve also formed better habits about eating. Now, I eat when I’m hungry, not because of a clock or because I’m parked in front of a TV. I can’t tell you the last time I snacked after dinner. (Ok, I can, it was before the cleanse!)

My first week as a Yale New Haven Health System employee. Although orientation on Monday had me feeling like I betrayed my roots, I have realized that I am exactly where I need to be. I have had more fun at work this week than I’ve had in a very long time in my life. I work with the most amazing team of people. I laugh, deep gut laughs, constantly throughout the week, which I must say makes a huge difference in my life. I’ve learned a lot and actually got to accomplish a lot. It’s really a supportive, team environment. I am so blessed.

I received my last paycheck from YMG and so am officially no longer tied to that place at all in terms of being an employee.

I had my first meal at a Buffet that didn’t lead me to get sick. I woke up before my alarm on a work day for the first time.

Last Saturday, I went to confession for the first time in a very long time. Making Sunday the first time I received Eucharist in a VERY long time. All around, this has been the most amazing week ever.

And I can’t wait for another week and to get back to less time in the kitchen and resuming crock pot meals!!