Cleanse Week 1: Done!

As today brings the end of the first week of the 21 day cleanse that I started, I felt it a good time to write about it.

Days 1-3 were so hard. I craved everything under the sun. Healthy, not healthy, you name it. I didn’t like hardly any of the food, including the smoothies. I was so bummed about the food. I was tired, sore, achy, and convinced I was crazy for doing this. But, since I had spent all this money on organic produce, I wasn’t about to give in.

Day 4, I felt better. The cravings mostly went away except for my desire for steak. I felt much better all around though. I did cheat a little bit but was able to get right back on course.

Day 5, I was feeling great. I had the day off, I had lost 4 lbs all week, and felt pretty. (Yes, I said pretty!) I had to go into work to have my PPD test read by the nurse and got to see some people I know and it was so nice to encounter them with this new confidence I feel after being able to lose weight and commit to this new plan. I cheated for dinner in a major way, but how can you order a salad when a restaurant has a chicken with lobster meat on the menu? Seriously?

Day 6 and today, Day 7, I’m back on track and feel great. Overall, the past few nights I’ve had issues with sleeping, keep waking up, totally unsure why.

Today, I was able to get all of my food right in my town at a local market and a few items at the larger grocery store. Last week, I went 20 minutes away to a Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. It’s nice to support my local businesses. In the middle of the trip to the market, the cashier came and found me with a cart because he saw I could hardly carry the basket anymore. I’ve made 4 meals in one pot (soup) and 3 snacks worth of granola. Before I go to bed tonight, I’ll make another 2 meals in one of roasted veggies!

Knowing I had so many issues with the food last week, I did some major meal planning/adjusting for this week so I know I’ll like everything. I’d love to keep up the weight loss, but if I don’t, that’s okay. I’m hoping the snow will take a break so I can get to Yoga now that I should continue having more energy. My new found love of herbal teas is fantastic. Dandelion Root, Dandelion Leaf and Nettles Teas are pretty awesome. I’ve had them all today!

I look forward to this week. Even if it means I spend more time in my kitchen and at my kitchen sink than anywhere else. I’ll be glad to get back to slow cooker meals after this cleanse is over!


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