I come with an interruption. I know most of my blog has been about spirituality, faith, my struggles with that. I’m going to interrupt that (not forever). Rather than set up a second blog, I figured I’d keep it all right here. Today, I started a 21 day cleanse. (Check it out)

I want to track my journey and share how I’m feeling, what I’m eating, etc. I won’t be too explicit on what I’m eating/recipes because the material is something you have to purchase to get, but I’ll share the basics.

So far today, I’ve had a morning drink (kinda like a homemade tea of sorts), then on my way to work I had one serving of a green smoothie (that was actually red because it had blackberries), I’m just now having my first snack of trail mix. I have a spinach salad with fruit for lunch and blueberries for an afternoon snack. Then I will have a loaded sweet potato for dinner. It also includes this warm Almond Milk drink ever night before bed. I had it last night to give it a whirl. YUMMY!

The  hardest part is keeping up with drinking lots of water. I need to drink close to 100 ounces/day. I’ve had 16 so far! The trail mix is dry so I’m sure I’ll drink another 16 just trying to eat that!

There’s still time to get on the cleanse if you are interested, lots of people in the group had to delay start until next week!! (Yes, I’m getting to know other people doing it because there’s a private Facebook group for participants!) Here’s to the journey!!




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