I will be honest, sometimes, I feel like an awful Godmother. Even before my almost year-long hiatus from Church, I feel like I definitely don’t do enough as an active Godparent. What should I be doing? What am I missing? I think I was 18 or so when I was asked to be a Godmother to the newest addition to our family friend’s son. It was awesome. I was so honored because I’d always hoped that someone would ask me to play that role in a child’s life.

As time and life gets busier, kids get older, I find over time I do less to try to influence my Godchildren’s life in the way of prayer and believing in God.

This weekend, an opportunity presented itself for me take the twins (my sister’s middle two children, Mr. M & Lady M) to Mass with me. On the way to Church, I asked them what we should pray for. Lady M said, I want to pray for J (their older brother) and for him to be better from his surgery. I said, “Well his surgery is over and he’s all better, so we can pray to thank God for that.” She agreed. Then they began naming everyone in the family, which touched my heart. Mr. M even came up with this lovely intention, “For my friends who went to Mema’s house last night for a dinner snack.” When I asked who, he asked me who. So basically, we prayed for anyone who’s ever gone to Mema’s house for dinner or an after dinner snack. I thought it was a good compromise.

During Mass, the last time we went, they discovered my little Mary statue in my purse and they took turns holding her during Mass. After we named all of our intentions for Mass, Lady M asked, “Hauntie, do you still have that angel in yours purse?”

Then I tried to explain that Mary was a person like us, not an angel, and that angels are kind of like people but they have wings…to two 3 year old children.

Some of my favorite moments of the Mass were when:

-Mr. M reading his Cars 2 book in a loud whisper

-Lady M holding up the Mary statue as high as she could, and she stood in front of me while I was kneeling for the consecration and bowed her  head when I did. It was so sweet.

-The feeling I had as we left. I brought 2 of my Godchildren to Mass and I survived alone with 2 3 year olds at Church. It was great.

Hopefully a young woman with no rings on her left hand and 2 young children didn’t cause scandal of it’s own. (Which I highly doubt at such a loving, welcoming Church as this one! If you read this and are looking for a new Catholic Church on the Main Line in PA, check out St. Monica’s)


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