The real me, finally!

The title of this post and the short description of this page are the same:

“The real me, finally!”

Why? Because I’m tired of hiding behind this ideal image that I feel I’ve created for myself over the years. I’m not a perfect Catholic. I’m not a perfect woman. I am not a perfect employee, friend, daughter, sister, aunt (haunt), etc. I once heard that a just man sins 7 times a day…well I’m no just man so I must have him beat by about a million sins daily.

It’s hard for me to be real and vulnerable and honest. Though I have recently shared with a few people about where my life has been over the past year and they didn’t shun me. So even if the rest of my friends/loved ones shun me for what they may read here, I know I’ll at least have a few who won’t already.

I want to be happy. I want to be full of smiles again (if you have known me long enough, you know the reference). I don’t want to ever be as down and out as I’ve been this past year. So, here’s to my journey of openness and honesty. Hope you enjoy the ride!


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